Conikt aka Uncle Corn is a Dj (mostly HipHop), vinyl collector, promoter and label maker from Leipzig east Germany. Together with some friends he founded the label ThinkLoud back in 2005 at their home town Plauen. Between 2007-2010 he toured Europe with artists like Oddisee, Kev Brown, Trek Life, Miles Bonny, Pseudo Slang... as a support dj and tour organizer. This is where his nickname Uncle Corn comes from. 
Since 2009 he is runin' a radio show called Future Classics at the uncommercial community radio station Radio Blau in Leipzig.

He started Djing back in 2000 and at the beginning he just collected German HipHop, because he felt understood by the words he heard on this records and it helped him a lot to stay positive while he had to work as a construction worker as a young adult.

In reflection to this time he has done a mix with German HipHop records only. Some of the records he used for this mix are very old, other ones were released over the past few years and it shows that traditional rap music is still our there to find. Conikt believes that even the the older songs are still relevant in their meanings and still worth to listen to.

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