GREGOR DYS »verwoben«

We are more than excited to present the latest album by Berlin based artist Gregor Dys exclusively on our label (digital/tape). Here comes a little info by the musician himself -->

"Gregor Dys is a sound researcher who explores soundscapes for (natural) processes, ideas and emotions.
Experiments with guitar, modular synthesizer, other acoustic instruments and the resulting break in listening habits as well as collaborations with other musicians and photo and video art form a basis for his acoustic storytelling."

On "verwoben" Gregor went back to his early musical footsteps with the acoustic guitar.
The original material was recorded in his old childrens room between christmas and new year´s eve 2021, later re-arranged and processed back in Berlin. His latest work is an organic-modular-trip in 30 minutes, which represents his love for analog sources, which are disassembled into their individual parts to then grow into something new and beautiful.


The full album on green tape. Comes in a carboard box with the artwork on a banderole. Designed by ISKA KAEK.
Incl. DL-Card for your digital pleasure.

released December 14, 2022

all music by Gregor Dys
artwork by Iska Kaek
mastered by Beikraut
all rights reserved