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In the summer of 2021, the label All My Ghosts and the graphic designer Iska Kaek started the mixtape series "Ghost Tapes". Friends and people from their environment present a very personal mix on two sides of a (digital)…

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Ghost Tape 11 — IRRITATION by Uniwerk Pirna

THIS is our mixtape series. This month we say hej, hello and welcome to Uniwerk Pirna and their irritating mix for the upcoming exhibition called »I R R I T A T I O N! Compiled and curated by Juliane, one of the initiators of the …

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LINDENAU — cassettes finally here ...

The new album "Lindenau" by Amore Enterprise has already been released, now the cassettes are finally here and they look sooo great. The beautiful artwork comes by band member Theo Huber himself. The cassette now is available via…

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Ghost Tape 10 - MARCUS GRUBER

Tapelovers: Please welcome Marcus Gruber, an illustrator and artist based in Berlin. His latest book includes work from the past three years and can be ordered via the artist directly. Please check out his webpage. His tape is a fine…

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Amore Enterprise are back. With their first full length "Lindenau". Recorded and mixed in 2020/2021. So what is it about? It´s about confrontation with the fellow human beings, sometimes angry, sometimes tenderly. About the …

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Ghost Tape 09 — SUPAKC

THIS is our mixtape series. One artist each month, who presents his/her favourites on two sides of a cassette. People who are involved in the music business in any way or simply friends with a good taste. — A fresh tape by Leipzig´s DJ, pr…

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All My Ghosts – est. 2018

A small label from Leipzig, Germany. We release own music and the music by local acts and friends with passion digitally and on tape.

Geboren aus dem Wunsch heraus eine Plattform für eigene Veröffentlichungen und die von Freunden zu haben, veröffentlicht All My Ghosts seit 2018 Musik einer kleinen, aber wachsenden Community aus Leipzig mit Herz und Hingabe auf Kassette und digital.