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THIS is our mixtape series. One artist each month, who presents his/her favourites on two sides of a cassette. People who are involved in the music business in any way or simply friends with a good taste. We say Hi (!) MATROSENHUNDE from…

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Discount Furniture/5AA5 Split EP

We are very happy to start our year with fresh music! On March 1st we gonna release a split EP with the artists 5AA5 and DISCOUNT FURNITURE, which both give us their very own interpretation of ambient/idm. The tracks by DF were developed…

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Discount Furniture Video Premiere

We are very happy to announce new music on our label. The first "side" of a Split EP comes from DISCOUNT FURNITURE. The music was fully created with an app called "Nano Loop", which was originally only available for…

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Ghost Tape 07 — DRUNKENSTEIN

We are back from wintersleep with a new MIXTAPE! This time with a very special guest. DRUNKENSTEIN from Leipzig runs the record store INCH BY INCH, he is part of the INCH BY INCH DISTRIBUTION team and he has his own label (INCH BY INCH).…

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New website is online

Hej, this is our brandnew website. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do? A huge thank you to Iska Kaek and Oliver Niemann, who are responsible for all this.

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How was 2021?

So how was 2021? This year has not been all golden, but there were a few highlights on our little label, that we are kind of proud of. We released 3 Tapes, had a Ghost Fest and started our mixtape series „Ghost Tapes“ (digitally) on Mix…

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All My Ghosts – est. 2018

A small label from Leipzig, Germany. We release own music and the music by local acts and friends with passion digitally and on tape.

Geboren aus dem Wunsch heraus eine Plattform für eigene Veröffentlichungen und die von Freunden zu haben, veröffentlicht All My Ghosts seit 2018 Musik einer kleinen, aber wachsenden Community aus Leipzig mit Herz und Hingabe auf Kassette und digital.