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Ghost Tape #17 - Hanne & Mauz

A new month, a new tape. We say hi to --> Hanne & Mauz Brings back Deep Emo Feelings of Summer Parties full of Good Memories and Friendship We definitely LOVE this one.

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Happy Release Day Twins in Colour!

Happy Release Day Twins in Colour! "In event of moon disaster" is out now and we are super happy and proud. Get your copy via our store or stream this fabulous EP on Spotify etc. // „In event of moon disaster“ was the title of a con…

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Conikt aka Uncle Corn is a Dj (mostly HipHop), vinyl collector, promoter and label maker from Leipzig. Together with some friends he founded the label ThinkLoud back in 2005 in their home town Plauen. Between 2007-2010 he toured Europe…

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... a new mix — from ambient to techhouse and back — HEARTS inhales some 90s flavours and adds some temporary stuff to it. check ghost tapes on soundcloud for this and all our other fantastic mixtapes. HEARTS — SIDE A — »in einer stadt« 01) Nuro…

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GHOST TAPES — THE N-Y-E EDITION — 2022 to 2023

Once again, we asked all our ghost tape creators of 2022 for two of their favourite tunes in 2022. Released, discovered or re-discovered songs, that moved them this year. PLEASE LISTEN HERE — KLICK We´d like to thank all artists for lots of…

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Welcome to our »Ghost Tapes X Mas Edition — 2022« Side A is compiled and mixed by All My Ghosts founder Nils Panda. It’s a special tape for driving home (for Christmas), to clean up your apartment before Christmas Eve or to get drunk to with …

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All My Ghosts – est. 2018

A small label from Leipzig, Germany. We release own music and the music by local acts and friends with passion digitally and on tape.

Geboren aus dem Wunsch heraus eine Plattform für eigene Veröffentlichungen und die von Freunden zu haben, veröffentlicht All My Ghosts seit 2018 Musik einer kleinen, aber wachsenden Community aus Leipzig mit Herz und Hingabe auf Kassette und digital.